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With over 60 years of experience in the utility transmission sector, Meyer boasts a record of being the best. Our in-house engineering solutions that be customized for you and your specific needs.

We are ISO9001:2015 and AISC certified, assuring the highest level of manufacturing quality. Our team has helped shape many modern construction standards, including ASTM, AWS and ASCE guidelines. And we are fully committed to continuous improvement.

We are also serious about testing. That’s why Meyer has the most experienced and accomplished structural, full-scale testing facility in North America. Our teams have performed hundreds of test and are committed to doing hundreds more.

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Manufacturing and Testing

Meyer is one of the industry’s only ISO 9001:2008 certified structure suppliers, ensuring the highest level of manufacturing quality. We helped to shape many of the manufacturing standards used in the industry today, including ASTM, AWS, and ASCE guidelines, and we are fully committed to continuous improvement. Once a steel structure is designed, it is manufactured with the greatest of care and attention to detail. Our manufacturing team includes some of the best and brightest in the industry. Each member has the extensive experience needed to assure the highest quality steel structure products. Because so much is riding on our structures, we strive for weld performance excellence. We use 100% full penetration welds on all arm bracket to arm shaft welds. Full penetration welds with reinforcing fillet welds provide the greatest assurance against weld failure.

Why We Test

Here at Meyer, we consider testing a fundamental, essential piece of our design process. Testing helps us to validate our Decant designs and substantiates processes and components from arm connections to baseplates.

Ful-scale vertical testing provides greater accuracy than mockup or horizontal testing. Vertical testing allows for the true effects of a structure’s own weight, in its deflected position, to be realized when forces are added.

Meyer was the first to do full-scale testing. Our full-scale structure testing facility has been used to complete hundreds of structure and product tests.

The results are integrated into our proprietary DECANT design software and coupled with our use of finite element analysis to provide the optimal solutions for your structure needs.


Meyer History

A brief stroll through our highlights and milestones
Meyer’s Machine Shop

Meyer Machine Shop is founded by Louis Meyer along the bluff in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Meyer Machine Company

Meyer is acquired by sons Roy and Gordon and serves as a steel fabrication subcontractor during World War II.

Meyer branches out into the fabrication and maintenance of steel structures, as attention is directed towards area and flood lighting poles.
Early 1950s
Transforming Structure Design
Meyer introduces the patented, "Poly-12" multi-sided elliptical transmission pole, a design honoring both utility loading requirements and public acceptance demands.
Late 1950s
Defining National Standards

Meyer, along with other suppliers and customers, develop industry standards for transmission fabrication, including welding, ASTM steel specifications, quality assurance standards, and general guidelines for design.

Innovators & Problem Solvers

After becoming the first transmission pole supplier to utilize corrosion-resistant weathering steel, the first to implement full-scale vertical testing, and the first to develop and distribute wood-equivalent steel poles, Meyer fabricates and installed some of the first double-circuit 500kV and 765kV lines in the United States.

Expanding Products & Solutions

Meyer expands product and solutions offerings, including MeyerClad®, QuickPin®, QuickPierTM, substation, lattice, and concrete structures.

Today & Beyond
Meyer Utility Structures continues its heritage of excellence by building on the very characteristics upon which the company was founded: innovation, quality, and a commitment to service.

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Executive Leadership

These are the people that make our organization thrive.